Potty Training Your Pup

Inviting a brand-new pup right into your house is an amazing time. 

Though your very first days with each other are loaded with pup cuddles as well as learning more about each other, it’s additionally the most effective time to present toilet training to your brand-new hairy pal.

When To Begin Potty Educating Your Young Puppy

The very best time to start potty training your pup is from the minute they enter your residence. Much like with various other types of canine training, it’s finest to carry out standards and also policies for your fuzzy good friend from the minute they enter your life. By doing this, they can quickly discover what serves as well as what’s not and also aids to establish a typical moving forward.

Though pets can be potty educated at any type of age, the moment that pups are most responsive to the concept of potty training is when they are in between 8 weeks to 16 weeks old. Though you can start the potty-training procedure at 8 weeks old, you need to not anticipate your pet to master the craft until they are at least 12 weeks old.

How To Potty Train Your Puppy

Now that you’re ready to begin the potty training process with your new puppy, it’s time to dive into the most successful training methods. Potty training is a huge task for our puppies to pick up on, so it’s up to us to make it as clear and understandable as possible.

First, it’s important to make sure that you keep your puppy on a set feeding schedule. By feeding them at the same time each day, they can begin to develop a regular potty routine. This will not only offer your puppy some structure but will also give you an idea of when your dog needs to go outside to use the bathroom.

The next way to ensure success in your dog’s potty training is by making sure to take them outside frequently. It’s important to take them outside first thing in the morning when they wake up, after each meal, after each nap, and right before they go to sleep at night.

The idea of this method is to help prevent accidents in your home by giving them plenty of opportunities to go outside and help to limit any dire need to use the bathroom in your home. Frequent trips outside will also help to solidify that outside is the proper place to go. It’s also ideal to take them to the same spot outside when they are learning, as this helps to establish a bathroom routine.

Perhaps the most important part of potty training your puppy is making sure to celebrate their wins. Be sure to praise your puppy each time they use the bathroom outside, and make it clear that they are doing something right. This will help to teach your puppy that this behavior is desired, and will make them want to continue the behavior in the future.

Tips For Making Potty Training Easier For You Puppy

For our puppies to become properly potty trained, we have to help them succeed. Some of the best ways to help your furry friend grasp the concept of potty training include:

  • Crate training your puppy or confining them to a small area when you are away from home. This will help to limit accidents in your home, and can deter your puppy from using the bathroom in their “safe place.”.
  • Taking them outside as often as possible, or anytime they look like they may need to go potty. By taking them outside as often as possible, you can limit any potential accidents in your home.
  • Give them time to succeed. Some dogs take longer than others to grasp the concept of potty training, so it’s important to be as patient as possible.

Though accidents in your home can be frustrating, it’s important to refrain from punishing your puppy for their accidents. Accidents will happen throughout the process, so it’s important to go into this venture knowing that. Our puppies will succeed easier in a positive environment that is free of any harsh punishment.

Be sure to clean up adequately after each accident. Puppies are more likely to go inside your home if there is a scent left behind from a previous accident.

Overview: Potty Training your puppy.

Though potty training can be frustrating, it’s made so much easier when following a positive potty training method. Be sure to review the tips we’ve listed above, and you will have a potty trained pup in no time!

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