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We are by choice a small select breeder of pomeranians, in Surrey, we pay alot ofattention to detail, we breed occasionally for Quality not Quantity, and are mindfull as to where are puppies go.


I was firstly introduced to Pomeranains by my daughter Naomi,  she had always been

brought up with German Shepherds and had always wanted a smaller dog she could have

on her lap and take anywhere with her, whilst at a dog show, Naomi had pointed out to

me " thats the dog I want mum," a friend of mine had brought her black Pomeranain

along for a day out, he was beautiful, super type and size, stunning coat, I had decided to

allow Naomi a Pomeranian as she had worked so hard at training and handling our

Shepherd' for the show ring and giving up so much of her time and many weekends.

We then set out on our search for a Quality Pomeranian,  being new to the breed at the

time, we brought our first Pomeranain,  but unfortunately the quality was not good, she

was too big.


Her temperament was second to none, she was a beautful dog but we had been scammed,

when I look back if I known what I knew now, I should have considered many factors,  

size of the parents, pedigree, health issues,  you need to check these out, for an alround

sound Pomeranian, please take a look at this link from the kennel club to give you some

guidance HERE


Prices can differ so much, to buy a quality Pomeranain they are very expensive, but now I know you only get what you pay for, so many people are crossing the breed with other breeds, breeders using big stud dogs, Pomeranains are a small breed, males should be no bigger than 4 half pounds females no bigger than 5 half pounds, you need to buy from a reputable breeder that knows the breed well, you can find these on my links page or otherwise ring the Pomeranain breed clubs whom will help you.


 I am now very passionate about this breed as I have fallen head over heels in love with them and will help within the uk to better the breed, the

Pomeranains are a very adaptable breed and can cope in most cases, one being they can be lazy, sleep all day and on the other hand can walk and play for hours, they are also a very intelligent, bold and confident breed, as long as they are brought up in a loving environment, they can also make a good guard dog, allerting you of a presence.


Please come in and look at some of our Pomeranians ~  Our Love, Our Joy, Our Lives, Our Family  x    


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